#everythingwillbeokay – Keeping my sanity

Lets admit it, no one saw this coming. No one saw that this virus was going to turn our world literally upside down, isolated, lock down, socially deprived, I am experiencing my first pandemic but hey… everything will eventually be alright.  It’s been seven weeks since my life has been on a standstill, no university, no work, no karaoke nights, no nothing 😰 😰 😰. I went from having a normal routine to having to find some ways I can cope with what’s happening around us.  My cure = books X nature

In the initial being of my self quarantine life, I was scared of going outside even for short works but I knew I have to find something that would distract me from overthinking and having panic attacks. I reintroduced myself to the world of books 😊.  Generally, I am a lover of books. I love reading, however, due to having a schedule of school and work I never really found the time to get lost in a well scripted book. So, for the first three weeks of being quarantined, I found myself indulging in the wonders of my favorite authors! Are you tech savvy, own an eBook ,  or how about a kindle account 📱? Here’s my top 3 recommendation of books you can read to give you a mental break 😊 😊 😊  P.s. all my books are available on Amazon Kindle 😉😉


The laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 48 laws of Power.  The book gives you an approach about the different aspects of humanity through lens of history, psychology, philosophy and wisdom to understand the behavior of people. 

Apart from psychological and philosophical books, I love thrillers. Who is better to distract your mind than a suspenseful dramatic author, Stephen King. The latest books I’ve by Stephen are the Institute and The Outside, both thriller/ horror books that are filled with suspense and a few cliches. His descriptive ways make me feel as though am going along for the ride with his always colorful and diverse group of characters.

I’d admit, i didn’t only use the wonderful world of books to escape mentally from the obvious crisis around me. After being totally isolated for 4 weeks, we braved and braced ourselves and went on a wanderlust.🧭🧭.. Sometimes aimlessly driving allows you to find the most beautiful places in a city… our aimless driving made us discover this beauty… it may be rustic but its honestly captivating and beautiful 💗💗

Regardless to if your visiting or living in Salzburg or just aimlessly driving, head south and discover the unknown beauties of the city. Sometimes we just need to slow down, let lose and enjoy the simple pleasures in life 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉…

P.s. did i mention #everythingwillbeokay …

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