Welcome to the introduction post and series about Shopping in Salzburg City

In Salzburg you can experience unique shopping possibilities. Not only the different interesting small shops in the old city and various huge shopping malls makes shopping extremely enjoyable, but also the small distances between the different shopping area’s is a reason to visit Salzburg for shopping purposes. Both men and women will exactly find that ‘one product’ they desire.

If you are looking for clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and jewellery, the 36,000 square meters Europark shopping mall with more than 130 shops is the perfect place to go. You can park your car easily in the basement, FOR FREE!! And if your shopping day is longer than expected and you are hungry or thirsty, I would recommend to buy a pizza slice at Pizza e Pasta All´Italiana which is located inside of Europark or if you spend your day in the city centre and are looking for Austrian meals, I recommend you to “Zum Zirkelwirt”, it is delicious!