Whenever going somewhere new it is difficult to know what places to visit to get an actual insight of a culture. When checking out TripAdvisor, you will probably not find the most local places. More the best votes places. 

In Salzburg both beer, liqueur and schnapps are common drinks to bond over, which can most definitely be proven by a visit to Sporer. Sporer is not only the best liqueur you can get in Salzburg but also made here since 1903. The recipes are all made by the Sporer family and passed down in generations. When you have a taste, it is almost as if you can taste the history in it. Though, they also upgrade with new recipes such as my personal favorite, which is their Rhubarb liqueur with tonic water or wermut.

If you feel like having a glass of wine or punch and trying out a local delicacy such as schnapps, liqueur or even Wermut, then you should go to Sporer. The atmosphere you will experience here is a mixture of history, satisfied happy people and being in good hands by the staff knowing their products. You will experience that alcohol is not just alcohol, but something used to bring people together and talk about everything and nothing. At Sporer you will get a real insight of what a local would to on a grey Friday afternoon celebrating the start of the weekend. 

Visit Sporer and you will experience the Austrian culture with all of your senses. 

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