Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking

Eisriesenwelt – the world’s largest ice cave in Werfen

Welcome to the spectacular ice wonderland!

Have you ever wondered if it really exists an unknown ice world like the one in the Frozen movie? If so, you are exactly in the right place.

If you find yourself in Salzburg, you should definitely take a day trip to Eisriesenwelt in Werfen, the world’s largest ice cave discovered in 1879. Through this once of lifetime experience you will enjoy a marvelous ice wonderland with unique ice formations, not forgetting the breath-taking panorama that accompanies the visitors along the way.

Here is my experience with a bunch of friends and some useful tips to get ready for this exciting excursion!

Unique experience

This adventure is ideal for all types of visitors, from children, families to hiking lovers but not for people with limited mobility, as it is necessary to walk a lot to reach the entrance of the Eisriesenwelt from the bottom of the Tennengebirge mountain. We took few breaks halfway as someone could not catch up with the rhythm but all the efforts were surely paid off by admiring the wonderful landscape of the Salzach-valley. We took nice pictures of the scenery and of course how could we miss out on some cool group photos? Once at the entrance, you can rest on the staircase and wait for your turn for the guided tour which lasts about 70 min., but time really flies there as you will be entertained and surprised. The guides will show you magical tricks with the carbide lamps reveling colorful ice patterns, frozen lakes and natural ice sculptures.

Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking
natural ice formation
Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking
Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen Salzburg Austria nature hiking excursion daytrip
ice layers

How to get there

Eisriesenwelt is only 40 minutes away from Salzburg and it is easily reachable by car or by public transport. If you are driving there, you can follow the signs leading to Werfen, plus there are free parking lots at the visitor center. The other way to arrive at destination is taking the S3 or REX train lines departing from Salzburg Hbf every 30 min. The transport fare is approximately €9 one way but a more affordable solution is to buy any public transport subscription in order to get a little discount. My friends and I opted for the S3 train which stops by our university and since all of us had MyRegio card, the round-trip transport was completely free.

When to visit the Ice Cave

Unfortunately, the Eisriesenwelt is not open to the public 365 days but it is accessible only from the beginning of May to the end of October, so remember to check the official website for more detailed info regarding the opening hours. We bought the tickets on site, as we decided to visit it at the last minute but it is preferable to buy them online in advance since the availability of the visits is limited.

Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking
path to the Eisriesenwelt
Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking
view from the Ice Cave entrance

Different ticket options

Eisriesenwelt-Ice Caves in Werfen, Salzburg - outdoor activities, panorama, nature, hiking
Bilboard at the entrance
Speaking of prices, it really depends on the services you ask for. If you prefer to reach the visitor center, where tickets are sold and checked, by shuttle bus from Werfen train station and then buy the all-inclusive ticket which includes the cable car, it costs you around €37 in total. Otherwise, you can hike from the very beginning to the Ice Caves on the top of the mountain and it is much cheaper, around €16. Some of my friends went for the second option and it took them around 2 hours to get there while I chose the first one which is the fastest way. Our tickets included a guided visit where German or English-speaking tour guides explained the history behind the Eisriesenwelt. 

Some useful tips

  1. Make sure you wear warm clothes as it gets really freezing when entering the Ice Caves, the temperature drops below zero degrees, even during the summer! You can bring extra clothing such as gloves, hat or scarf to protect yourself from the cold. Do not overestimate your resistance to harsh temperatures!
  2. Having solid shoes is essential since you have to hike steep trails and then climb 1400 steps that take you around the Eisriesenwelt.
  3. Bring some water and energizing snacks in case you feel hungry or tired from all the walking. Additionally, there are three restaurants on the way up to the cave which offer delicious typical Austrian cuisine. There you can enjoy the spectacular view from 1500m altitude while sipping a warm cup of coffee!

About Covid-19

The staff strictly follow all the regulations relating to Covid-19, so do not worry about safety concerns and just enjoy the moment. They check your Certificate of vaccination and body temperature at the entrance and provide masks and hand sanitizer if needed.

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