Discover the romantic Cafe Sperl, Vienna, and play the game of the fake phone call with your partner.

You can have your last coffee of the night at Cafe Sperl.Other customers at the cafe appear to be acting normally, while Jesse and Céline conduct fake phone calls. The pair then pretended to be talking to Céline’s French friend, who had scheduled a coffee appointment that day, at their table. They discuss their encounter with a stranger on the train. Céline admits that she was about to leave the train with Jesse when he persuaded her otherwise. Jesse explains that  all he wanted was to get away from his life.Cafe Sperl is listed on the Austrian Register of Historic Places. With parquet flooring, bentwood Thonet chairs, marble tables, crystal chandeliers, and billiards tables, the décor is inspired by Vienna’s aristocratic Ringstraßen-Cafés.Locals love it because of the distinctive red and white striped upholstery. 

Discover the romantic coffee Sperl in Vienna.

Discover and have fun at Roxy Bar, Vienna, and do your own verse of the Bottle of Red Wine challenge.  

After a night spent on the boat the pair decide to go for drinks. They find a bar and Jesse goes straight for the bartender, he goes and start begging for help. Some minutes after the bartender disappeared.Luckily Jesse gets the wine and receives a funny comment from the bartender ” For the greatest night in your life.” . At the same time, Celine scoops two glasses from one of the tables. Unfortunately, I am afraid you will not be that lucky, and you will have to pay for your beverages.As the story progresses, our protagonists enter a park where they spend the night together. Despite knowing that they will not see one another again, they acknowledge their attraction to one another. They decide to make the most of the time they have left, concluding the night with the possibility of a sexual encounter. Unfortunately, recreating the park scenario now is more difficult due to the private gardens. 


Discover and have a romantic walk on Preßgasse, Vienna, and pretend to hear the Harpsichord play.

After spending the rest of the night in the park, the morning comes around and finds Jesse and Celine only a few blocks south of the Roxy Bar, at the southern end of Preßgasse. They hear a harpsichord being played in a basement. In real life due to a sad incident involving a massive gas explosion, the street (Preßgasse) they go along now looks much different. The home with the basement and grated windows, on the other hand, is mostly unchanged from Before Sunrise. Back to the movie while enjoying the music, a few dance moves are thrown around. After spending some time there enjoying the excellent music, Jesse suggested taking a photo, so they never forget about each other and this special and unique moment between them. Soon, they cannot take their eyes off each other as they take a picture. Then, a second later, they kissed. So, romantic, right! 

Discover and visit the Albertina Palais Museum, Vienna, and pretend you are Jesse reciting poetry.


The following scene takes us to a location that all tourists in Vienna are familiar with the little elevated square in front of the Albertina Palais and art museum, with views over to the Staatsoper opera theater. The Albertina hosts several world-class art exhibitions as well as a collection of renovated staterooms. The opera theater is lit at night, so the place close to the stone wall where Céline and Jesse chat is great for photographing. At this point in the movie, we get various additional views of the landmarks of Vienna, stopping at a statue in a square, upon which Jesse sits while Céline lies with her head on his lap, eyes closed. Sadly, this would be the last stop for our protagonists before going back to real life.


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