What should I do? Where can I go? I am going crazy!
Do you have the same thoughts? How are you holding up these days?
Here is an insight into how I cope with the crisis, maybe you have the same experiences.

… eating loooooads of food

Food is definitely my motivation to get up in the morning (depends on how you define morning though) and a perfect excuse not to study! I love cooking but especially now, I love it even more as I can spend hours searching for new recipes and trying out new dishes.


… enjoying nature

Even more important for me is to be able to go outside and enjoy nature. Isn’t it just beautiful to walk through the forest and listen to the singing birds? Or just lying on the grass while the rays of sunshine touch your face. Loving it!


… taking care of doggo

Nanuk is my buddy who wakes me up in the morning with a wiggly tail, desperately waiting for being cuddled and to go outside. He gets super excited every time we explore the forest or new trails together.

“Oh hemlo there”

Always down for some snuggles
Found lots of ransoms in the woods

“My stuffed teddy bear, love him”

… being active

I started working out at home which I never imagined would have happened because I prefer doing sports outside. However, my boyfriend convinced me to do exercises and I must say, I really enjoy doing it. We even started doing acro-yoga together which is a lot of fun. To spare you my sweaty look, I created some YouTube videos of “not so exhausting” workouts.

… Final thoughts: Even though staying at home can be quite challenging and annoying, I tried many new and different activities and things to do and by now, I kind of got used to the situation.

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