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Corona – and how I suddenly had new hobbies

Corona… “weird times” is what I regularly call it with my Dad on the phone. On the phone, even though he is only 80 km away – because the border is closed. Imagine being a tourism student and they close the borders?! – Weird times!

Nevertheless, after some time I started to get used to those weird times and even got kind of productive – with new things. Things I have never had time to do before and which I will share with you in this Blog so stay with me guys. 


Ok, I must confess… this hobby is not totally new. I already started crocheting an amazing number of head bans in my last heart-break phase.

(perfect to keep your mind distracted on those long Solo-Netflix-and-Chill nights!)

But now, I perfectionated it! I no longer make head bans, I produce shopping bags, easter nests, utensilos, scarfs, cup holder, cosmetic pads etc….. the list is endless. 

You probably think I was one of those kids who always had the skills to crochet? Who basically spent their whole youth with their grandmoms? Nope… I learned everything by myself through Youtube. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a hook and some garn and start crocheting amazing things!


PS: Most local yarn stores deliver during corona times, so do something to support your locals and don’t just order from Amazon! 


Wild Herbs

No, don’t say määäähhh and skip this part! Wild herbs can be extremely yummy! I came up with the idea to teach myself the wild herbs basics after collecting wild garlic and making the in Austria well-known wild garlic pesto. I figured.. ok, fresh air, exercise (ok, at least a little) and using time productively… this is good!

I am no expert yet but started off with a good dandelion-ribwort-plantain-smootie. Might sound weird, but hey, we are in weird times 


I have my very personal recipe here: 

  • ½ handful dandelion (Löwenzahn) – you can also use the blossoms
  • ½ handful ribwort plantain (Spitzwegerich) 
  • ½ banana
  • little bit of Mango
  • little bit of Apple
  • ½ cucumber 
  • around 100 ml water

Blend everything until smooooooth…..

Ok, the recipe might not be very exact, but it doesn’t matter, you will have enough time to figure out the perfect mix for you 😉 

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