City Beats 2.0 – The new and best | ‘Not only a club – it’s a home.’

Everyone who likes to party or feels at home in the nightlife of Salzburg has heard of the “City Beats” club. Since 2015, it has been the nightlife hotspot for partying in Salzburg. With the opening of the club, formerly the storage halls of restaurant ‘Sternbräu’, the first nightlife club opened in Griesgasse, in the middle of historic Salzburg.

In the beginning, management had difficulties determining where the journey of the club’s music. The management team soon found, by offering different themes and event nights, that the “Hip Hop” events were attended best. After a short time, the nightlife club was unmissable among the nightlife crowd of Salzburg and packed every day it was open.

As a result, expansion plans emerged. The expansion plans were already on the table since 2017, and it was just a matter of time to implement them. The expanding plans were kept secretive, causing many speculations. According to gossip, the dancing club would move to the Mönchberggarage, or, like others, it would get three floors (but where to?). In September 2021, the club reopened its doors and became one of the biggest club in the nightlife of Salzburg.

The club targets guests between 18 and 30 years old. But with three different music genres on other floors, there is something for everyone. For an entrée fee of €10, the club offers you three different areas: ‘Mainfloor,’ ‘Bungalow’ and ‘Schatzi .’ On the mainfloor, mainly House music is played. In Bungalow, the genre is mostly ‘HipHop,’ which differs between international rap and Deutsch rap. On the ‘Schatzi’ floor is room for Schlager fans where lots of guests from Salzburger countryside and surrounding areas can be found, but also many 40+ guests have their fun and pleasure on the dancefloor in ‘Schatzi’.

DJ at citybeats

City Beats may welcome a total of about 975 guests, and it is pleasantly busy every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In the different areas, you can rent lounges in exchange for minimal consumption. Optimal for birthdays and staff parties, for example. To get entrée, you must be 18 (on Saturdays, 19) years old. A dress code ‘Business Casual’ is highly appreciated. Entry with slippers, for example, is not allowed due to security considerations.

Lounges in City Beats on the main floor

Opening Hours of City Beats:

The club opens its doors every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 22:00 and 04:00 or 05:00 o’clock. Pricewise, it is like every nightlife club in Salzburg. They have three main beverage menus, namely the bar drinks and lounge drinks, including the ‘bottle package’ and the cocktail drinks. The prices in the club are between €5,30 for a regular beer (0,33cl) or a sparkling wine (0,25cl) for €4,20 and, the most expensive, the Belvedere Liaison Vodka 3 Litre with 20 soft drinks on the sides for €1285,-.

City Beats’ Unique selling points:

What makes the club is the combination of its range of variety, social marketing campaign, location, and cleanliness. Variety in music taste, welcoming small and bigger audience groups, and selecting food and beverage. The marketing teams is active on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat and works with influencer campaigns. The nightlife club is located in the middle of the historic part of Salzburg without negatively affecting the historical townscape. Hygiene in the toilets, for example, is excellent. These are also cleaned regularly during opening hours. Also, having personal contract with the guest is very important for the management. Often during opening hours, the owners and managers are present.

Good to know:

  • Every Thursday is ladies night, where ladies have free entrée until midnight. The ‘pay one, get two’ promotion also runs on Thursday night. For the price of 1 drink or bottle, you get the 2nd for free. Thursdays, unlike Fridays and Saturdays, only ‘Bungalow’ and ‘Schatzi’ are open, which does not mean that no ‘House music’ is played at all. 
  • City Beats has its own shot drink, the ‘City Beats Klopfer’. The taste is a mix of Vodka and Fig, and the shot is nowhere else available.
  • The club has its food corner. Small snacks like a Kebab, finger food, Dürüm, or desserts can be ordered and eaten inside the club when you need a little break between dancing.
  • Also, “Luisa” is in City Beats. “Luisa is here!” is an offer of help for women and girls in cases of sexualized assault. The project is part of the prevention campaign “Safe partying and offers direct low-threshold help in cases of sexualized assault and sexualized violence against women and girls.” With the question “Is Luisa here?”, guests, primarily women, in bars and clubs of Austria can approach the staff of the participating venues. The question acts as a code to get help without further explanation in case of harassment, threats, or fear of assault. The code question makes it easier, especially in nightlife, to ask for help. All staff members know how to act when (female) guests report being sexually harassed. You can find more information about ‘Louisa’ in the following link: https://www.frauennotruf-salzburg.at/ist-luisa-hier/
The bar on the mainfloor
Photos by CityBeatz Salzburg

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