Charming Places with ”a feel of Mediteranean”

Salzach River

The Sombreras had an amazing time exploring exotic places where you can visit, relax and feel the Mediteranean in Salzburg city. Just wear your colourful clothes and not forgetting the Sombrera (Hut) and start with an amazing view of  river Salzach where you can seat by the comfortable benches or just laying and relaxing on the grass.

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Icezeit-The Coolest Place in Town

Located at lage Griesgasse 15.

As you lay and relax while watching and enjoying the exotic scenery of river Salzach we found ”The coolest place in town” for you where you can go and buy delicious ice cream as well as frozen yoghurt with the flavours of your choice. So that you can enjoy fruity tasty ice cream on abeautiful sunny day as you sit or lay by the river.

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Mirabell Garden and others

If You need a beautiful garden  for just sight seeing or just having a picnic even for relaxation visit mirabell garden you will not regret! With a variety  of eye catching colourful  flowers and a water fountain,  that will entice you to spend so much hours staring at the beauty of nature. But not only did we explore this garden but also just by walking around the city we found nice and colourful gardens around with flowers that by just looking at them will give you the mediteranean feeling.

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