Celtic Spirit Irish Bar

Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog. In today’s blog we are going to discuss about the Irish bars famous in the city of Salzburg. One of the first bars that we got to try out and I have to say I love this little hidden Gem in the heart of the city.

Starting with one for its quiet and small location. This small bar is Celtic Spirt Irish Pub.

Inside you will be greeted by friendly and accommodating bar staff who when we visited on the 1st of May, welcomed us in with a friendly and warm welcome. When we arrived it was quite early and few people sitting by the bar. We took a seat and ordered some drinks from the menu. The bar was quiet with some light traditional Irish music being played in the background. In our opinion, this bar is very suitable for small groups of friends, who would prefer an evening in a quiet bar where they can have a chat and still be able to enjoy the atmosphere. This bar is not your usual gimmicky Irish bar with all things Irish hanging from the ceiling it is quite unique as it is minimalistic in the décor of the bar.


Staff at Celtic Spirit were very helpful and offered themselves for anything needed. This bar as you can see from the photos inserted is quite small and has very few seats. This is not the place to attend on a very busy night in Salzburg. The owner is an Irish man named Peter, who has no problem in striking up a conversation with anybody who walks in the door. The bar has no Student offers, although there is a good variety of alcoholic drinks and beers to choose from. The Guinness (our favourite could be ranked a 9/10). Creamy and lacking the irony taste you find in many Irish bars abroad, this pint will turn that frown upside down sir, and will get you back on tinder or sending that late night drunken text soon enough. (you’re welcome ladies)

Unfortunately, due to the size of the bar guests who prefer a smoke free area will be disappointed as there is no space to accommodate this. The ventilation system however was very good and when a cigarette was lit the smoke would not blow over everybody but up into the air. The experience in this bar was very pleasant and positive, our team could highly recommend here for a quiet night on the town. This bar made me feel completely at home. Lots of nice and fun people, some locals and some from different countries and cultures. Being from Ireland myself and living away from home Celtic Spirit was one of the few pubs in Salzburg that reminds me of sitting in my local pub in my little village back in Ireland.