Hello to all cake-aholics and sweet teeth of this world!

Did you ever want to sit on the same place as famous actress Marlene Dietrich or author Stefan Zweig enjoy the picturesque view on the heart of Salzburg and eat delicious cakes? Then be prepared to dive right into one of Salzburg’s most traditional coffee houses with a history so interesting that it delights people from any age or country – the Café Bazar.


The Coffee House with Tradition

Founded in September 1909, the café was built on the river bank of the Salzach and immediately established itself as the place to go for people with roots in the fine arts and high ambitions. The café consists of a classic indoor coffee house ambience, a winter garden and the must-see sun terrace at the river bank of the Salzach. Trees provide shade and don’t disturb the beautiful view on Salzburg’s old city, the Fortress, the river Salzach and the Mönchsberg.

View on Salzburg’s old city and Fortress
View on the river Salzach and Mönchsberg







Coffee & Cakes

As soon as you take place at a table, a waiter is ready to take your order. Even though the terrace leaves little moving space between the tables, it’s amazing how fast and elegant the waiters move around – everything is emitting a sense of high-quality traditional Austrian coffee culture. The three of us decided to order “Verlängerte” and share two homemade cakes – the “Café Bazar Törtchen” and an “Orange & Truffles Cake”, priced between €4 and €5. In total, they offer 10 types of cakes, ranging from chocolate, carrot, marble to strudels and some own creations –there’s something for every taste! The Törtchen served as a pleasant cooling with its several layers of cream, fruit jelly and chocolate and surprised with different types of doughs, from crunchy to smooth. Given that I am more the fruity type, I wasn’t fully convinced by this Törtchen, but my companions loved it! However, the Cake fully convinced me – the tart orange cream with some fruit bits in combination with the fluffy chocolate cream and soft biscuit melted away in my mouth and reminded me of sunshine and holidays, leaving behind a desire to eat another slice or three.

While sitting there and chatting about our thoughts and worries, I could understand why so many prominent customers chose to drink a coffee here. Businessmen on their lunch break, tourists looking for a sweet treat or simple people like us wanting to switch off for some time – simply put a colourful mix of individuals – can sojourn in an atmosphere that gives off a homelike feeling, making everyone feel welcome in the city Salzburg.

In summary, I can say with a clear conscience – Recommended!

Café Bazar Törtchen (left), Orange & Truffles Cake (right)


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