Amazing French Bistrot offers an experience you would not have expected!

Bonjour et bienvenue! What a hearty and friendly welcome to something I was not able to seen in Salzburg before. Having spent a couple of times in the beautiful country of France, I was rather surprised when I experienced this beautiful and pleasant French bistrot , named “Le Coq de Pâte”. After strolling around town and finally trough Linzergasse, we hardly recognized the inconspicuous representation of the internationally famous French cuisine. Having entered this amazing bistrot, the feeling of France has tantalized us. A cautious voice with a French-Austrian accent is greeting us and seems happy to see new faces in his quiet new bistrot and delicacy shop. Quiche Lorraine in the counter, red-white checked tablecloths and French delicacies put in any free spot in the restaurant, it truly proves its ethnic origin.

After talking to this very friendly young French man, it was a pleasure for him to offer us a glass of a young, red French wine and a discounted Quiche of our choice. As for him, a hostile service and a special treat of his guests is of high importance. Marketing, he does not need and want, since he anyways loves to do what he came to Austria for. Thank you for your kind hospitality and service, we definitely will recommend you and your special treats. A place in which you can for a few minutes can submerge into French air and experience something you most probably haven’t been able to do in city of Salzburg.

Bistrot Epicerie
Le Coq en Pâte
Linzergasse 72
5020 Salzburg


Written by:

Jeannine Ölschuster