Bike your way through Salzburg – Fun and Free !

Biking in Salzburg cannot get any better than this, ‘Why?’ – Well for one, it is one of the safest places to cycle and totally cyclist friendly with – bike paths and trails throughout the city and forests.

Whether you are trying to find your way through the old town, or finding your way back to that summer body while still enjoyig the beautiful picturesque sceneries or/and just plainly trying to get to school. Salzburg city has the perfect geographic location in Austria, making it easy to ride to and from your destination. You may safely park your bike at the main train station or keep an eye open cause there are bike park stalls throughout the city whenever you want to set on foot.


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Simple Tips

  • Stay alive, wear your safety helmets and enjoy the ride.
  • Make sure your bike  front and back lights work.
  • Keep Right and Pass on Left.
  • Make sure your breaks work !
  • Warm up before you cycle.
  • Go bright when in low light.
  • Make sure the bike fits your frame.
  • Don’t Drink and Ride.
  • Get a proper lock.
  • Always have good road sense and indicate – left arm or right arm to turn.


For those of you whom are students and especially students of the Salzburg FH in Puch Urstein, you can enjoy the beautiful ride to school. Feel refreshed and energetic by the time you get to school or home. There is an amazing bike and running path along the Salsaach River. If you live in the city then it is only a 10km ride but if you live towards Hallein town then you are in luck, as you are just 5km away from a beautiful journey.

How Do You Find A  Bike ?

There are many stores that one may optionally buy a brand new bicycle, rent or get a second hand one. For new bikes you can pass by and see the Radsport Wagner shop located in Zillnerstraße 14 or even the M&M shop just near the Alpenstrasse, at the Michael Pacher Strasse 19. If a new bike is not in your budget you can always go online to the ÖH- Salzburg official page, there you can find a market for various items including bikes. Another interesting point is the flea markets held in the city, the local police hold twice a year sales for all unclaimed bikes and confiscated bikes – amazig !. Just recently there was a big spring event called the ‘AK-Radbörse – Salzburg’, whereby 1614 used bikes were offered this 2017 and more impressively around 1100 were sold. What more can we say, Salzburg is one of the easiest, fun and free places to have a bike.

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Written by the Bikerista Team.