We are a young group of bier experts with the one purpose of discovering the best beer in Salzburg city. We love drinking beer, and this time we are experimenting to find out which is the best beer in town.

Our first stop was Stiegl Bewery, a huge place where the main beer brand from Salzburg is elaborated. They also have a museum and a shop with many different types of beer. The place is perfect for a better insight of Salzburg’s beer or an entertaining family trip. Don’t forget to visit the shop and take home any specific beer out from a great variety.

I couldn’t choose just one best beer but different ones depending on the occasion. I would say that if you want to live the beer experience in Salzburg you cannot miss the Augustiner Bräu (our second stop), where you will feel as a local drinking the typical beer from the place, accompanying it with some regional food and enjoying the real taste of Salzburg and its beer tradition.

However, from my point of view, as a student the best bar where to be is the Alchemist (Belguim Bar) where the atmosphere is mainly international and the variety and quality of beers is great.

To conclude I have to say that if I would have to choose one I will go for the Coconut beer in the Beffa Bar (our last stop), it is amazing how the beer taste remains while the drink tastes like coconut, its out of the traditional style but if I had to repeat I will surely go for a Coconut beer once again!


Written by:

Nina Wilmer Diestro