Beer Hunt: Stiegl Brewery

Our group of five people visitied the Stiegl Brauwelt as part of our University project with the aim of finding the best beer in town. Although the Stiegl beer itself should not be new for anyone, who has spent at least two days in Salzburg, the Stiegl Brauwelt is more than just a simple beer experience. Those who are interested about it, can make the tour around the actual brewery, to find out how Salzburg’s pride is made, and of course, Stiegl-merchandise can aslo be found in the Stiegl shop opening to the inner court. The dining hall of the Brewery is very spacious, tastefully decorated, and the volume of the traditional Austrian music is set just to the right volume in order to set the mood, but also to make guests feel comfortable.

We were happy to see on our menu card, that a very wide range of beer types is offered, and not only the classic Goldbräu that all Salzburg-based people already know. All beers we requested samples from were very specical, and fairly priced, given that we were at one of Sandburg’s touristic highlights. Would recommend the Stiegl Bock, and the Stiegl Zwickl for the passionate beer drinkers, and the Stiegl Holler-Weisse to those who are less enthusiastic about beer, but would still get a taste of the Salzburg beer experience. Only downfall during our visit was the waiter not being particularly friendly with us, but that does not necessarily need to generally be the case.


Written by:

Barnabas Paradi