#AfterQuarantineIwill – make a picnic

I love picnics! Not only because they are always full of good food, but also because picnics are a great opportunity to socialize with the people I love. It doesn’t really matter if you go out for a picnic with family, in a circle of friends or in two, the guiding principle stays the same: having a pleasant time in the nature, taking a break from everyday life and having good time. 

It is for sure the first thing I will do after quarantine is over! 

Read on for some suggestions you should consider for your next picnic in the nature.

Follow the rules
In these times, it is important that we keep up to date with all the regulations and rules that must be followed in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Therefore, I emphasize that you inform yourself about the regulations and make sure you are acting according to them. 

Snacks and drinks! 

Food is the most important part of a picnic. Prepare some snacks in the home kitchen and pack them into a basket or backpack to store your food with you.

I recommend a loaf of freshly baked bread with homemade spread, such as hummus or tuna spreads. You can prepare the latter by mixing the same ratio of cans of tuna and sour cream or soft cheese, add some spices and enrich the flavour with some fresh herbs. Of course, don’t forget fresh vegetables and fruits.

Since you also have to drink something with your food, bring along some water, maybe some lemonade or natural juice. If you like coffee, bring it with you or some wine, beer, the choice is endless. 

Take the board games with you 

Enhance your socializing with some board games. To shorten your time, play with cards, bring badminton rackets or frisbee. 

Don’t forget the base

A picnic will be most comfortable if you bring a blanket with you to sit on. So, do not forget a large towel or blanket that you can spread out on the floor.

Don’t worry too much and think about times when you will be able to spent more time with people that you love. Hopefully you find this suggestion useful.  

Photos by: @timijeremiasjanssen @Franci.nap @lkw4610

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