#AfterQuarantineIwill – have brunch at ROSENcafé


This and many other questions that are of concern to all of us today. No one was ready for this rhythm of life, and it is now that each of us is feeling the lack of daily things without which we could not imagine our day a couple of months ago.


Finding a balance in routine tasks that are limited to the boundaries of your home is not an easy task. I try to devote my time to physical activity, health and work, and cooking delicious food gives me a lot of positive emotions. Try to do things that distract you from self-isolation and sad thoughts. If you find salvation in movies and eating bad food, it is not the worst way to spend that time. Everyone finds something of their own. The main thing is to understand that it’s not forever.

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To Do List

Someone finds salvation in serials and cooking, someone is actively engaged in sports and writes his or her Bachelor Thesis, someone enjoys time with his family. I have decided to make a list of things that I will do after quarantine. The first item on my list is a brunch at ROSENCAFÉ.

A colleague recommended this place to me, and I immediately asked myself the question: “Why ROSENCAFÉ?

I started looking for information about this place and here’s what I found: it was one of the first organic farms in Salzburg, which was established in 1492. They have their own production, their own cattle and chickens, which means they only provide natural products. This philosophy of the place is very close to me. I think the modern spirit of gastronomy lies in absolutely simple things. Simply put, organic products.

Another important point is the local products. You won’t find Spanish strawberries in the dishes, for example. All products are purchased exclusively from Austria.

One of the pleasant things is that the menu changes weekly and depends on the seasonality of products. That is, the café offers you those dishes for which the products are seasonal.

By the way, the interior of this café is dominated by the flower Rose. In the dishes, the necessary ingredient is Rose, so you can come here with your soulmate for a candlelight dinner, or you can gather all your friends for brunch – it’s up to you!

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