After an exhausting exam in the early morning hours and a few energy-sapping lessons (4 hours of university), we ask ourselves how we are able to recharge our batteries . After a short consideration we came up with the idea of having a wine tour through Salzburg. Immediately we jumped in our cars and drove 5 minutes to the Outdoor – Lounge at the Hanger 7. 

For all students without a car this spot can also be reached by public transport. From the Fachhochschule you have to take the S-Bahn in direction Maintrainstation and from there you can take the city bus in direction “Himmelreich Outlet Center”. 

If you live or spend your semester abroad in Salzburg, you will soon notice that the city has a lot to offer in culinary terms. Many businesses are also run or supported by Red Bull. These restaurants always manage to create a cozy but sill sporty and elegant atmosphere. And this is exactly what you can expect from the Outdoor Lounge at the Hangar 7. Always open on sunny days in the warm months from May to October from 12pm on, it offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountain panorama as well as the special “Friday afternoon” feeling

“Relaxing lounge music with fine beats, super delicious food and friendly staff will create weekend feelings at any days”. 
hangar7 ausen

Directly from the university we arrived at 1 pm and immediately ordered a “spritz wine” to switch off. Driven by our hunger, we order something from the extensive menu. Besides typical grill dishes and burgers, there are also fancy salads that can be designed by yourself with many different toppings. The only weakness of the whole thing is that the food is quite pricey for students. But we can confirm that it was worth every cent.

On the way to the toilet you will notice the spectacular racing cars and airplanes standing directly in the hangar. Hangar 7 is not only known for a good culinary and cold drinks. No, it is like a little museum, which offers visitors an interesting view at original Red Bull Formula 1 cars or planes from the Red Bull Air Race shows. Sometimes you can also have a look at the original capsule from where Felix Baumgartner made his world record jump out of the atmosphere. By the way, for all aircraft fans. The Salzburg Airport is located directly next to this spot and sometimes planes that are landing or departing can be watched. In addition, Hanger 7 also offers other restaurants where you can have breakfast or dinner.

After 2 glasses of Spritz Wine and delicious food we are heading off to our next spot in the city centre.

Where’s that cozy outdoor lounge? Directly next to the Salzburg Airport

Wilhelm-Spazier Straße 7A, 5020 Salzburg 

For a reservation call  +43 662/21 97 -0