Hello to all cake-aholics and sweet teeth of this world! 😊

We are a group of motivated students who have made it their mission to find the perfect place for coffee and cake so that you can enjoy it with your besties from university (or your parents, partners and colleagues) and take a moment to appreciate the most beautiful view you could imagine in Salzburg after a long, hard-working day.

Do you have a favourite café where you meet up with friends to enjoy the weather and the view? Please share your favourite spots with us and leave a comment at the end of our blog posts! 😊

Our first cake-spot

Today, we start with one of the most popular places to go to – no matter if you aim for a relaxed afternoon drink or a fancy dinner date. The Seven Senses Rooftop Bar and Restaurant (earlier called “Steinterrasse”) is located in the heart of Salzburg’s old city centre – right at the Salzach at the beginning of famous Linzergasse. As the name already indicates, this place towers all surrounding buildings and creates a panoramic view over the river, the opposite half of the city centre and Salzburg’s cultural landmark – the fortress. The terrace allows an almost all-around view of its surrounding, the only exception being the indoor restaurant front. Besides this, the view over the city is almost barrier-free – only the lamps that are used for evening lighting sometimes cross the visitors’ view.

The cakes

When checking out this brand-new (or brand-renovated) location for you, we have decided to go for a lemon tarte and a cheesecake, both priced at €6. The sweets section of the menu is not very big, but wisely selected and appealing. We were already curious about the taste and presentation of the cakes. When arrived, we tried both of them immediately and were very delighted! Both, the lemon tarte and the cheesecake had a great taste and texture. The cake base was crunchy and the dough was soft. When rating the look of the cake, the cheesecake had a little advantage over the lemon tarte because of its nicer garnishing – “pimped” with fruits and chocolate (rasps). Nevertheless, both desserts were worth taken a picture of – especially with such a view! 😊

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