This was your story ~ People of FHS

This was your story ~ People of FHS 

During the weeks ‘People of FHS’ has shared with you a couple of inspirational stories. Those posts show you how student life is on the FHS and how it is to life on Campus Urstein.

The stories we have shared with you were all posted on the Facebook page ‘Experience Salzburg’. Our first post on this Facebook pages was an introduction video. With this video we wanted to share our idea, but not too much. Because it still has to be a little bit mysterious what the posts will be about.

The first story we shared with you was a post about how the life on the Campus is. For this post we talked with Sarah, a girl from Taiwan, she told us about her experiences how it is to life on the Campus. We also decided to asked the question “How is living on the Campus” to an incoming student, because they are coming from a different country and maybe they have different view how it is to life on a Campus.  In our first Blog post we already shared the story of Sarah.

The second post we shared with you was a story about celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands. We decided to share this with you, because we wanted to show a little bit about our own culture. So we asked this question to Valerija. She is from the Netherlands and she is also an incoming student. She told us about what so normally does during King’s Day in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the week in the week of King’s Day we shared a GIF on Facebook, so that the people knew that there was going to be a post about King’s Day. We also shared Valerija’s story in our first Blog post.

The third post we shared with you was a post about the Marathon of Salzburg. We decided to do a post about this, because there are a lot of students of the FHS that are running the 10K Hervis team run. We interviewed someone from the FHS that has run this distance. She told us about her experience.

“This was the first time for me to run 10 kilometers in such an event, before this I had only run 5 kilometer events. I really trained a lot in order to finish within the magical hour mark. Eventually, I pulled it off in 56 minutes. My whole body hurts right now, but it’s worth it, I am so happy!”