1) You can start drawing ! At least that’s what I did while quarantine . I ordered some markers and a sketch block and I started drawing , creating colourful drawings. And I realised that drawing is anxiolytic besides it’s been a while since the last time I draw something. So now was the best opportunity!

2) You can start a series / watch movies ! I’m pretty sure most of us have started, at least one . I can suggest you some from Netflix , for example “Nancy drew” if you like mystery , “Legacies” if you like supernatural and if you haven’t seen yet , you should definately watch the “Chernobyl” . But in my opinion one movie you must see it’s the ” Official Secrets” it’s a true story which happened in Great Britain. Can’t say more (I don’t want to make a spoil )!

3) As long as going out for jogging/walking is permitted, for physical issues, you should definately do that once in a week, it helps you to feel better mentaly, being out in the nature is the best thing to do ,because that environment is full with fresh air and that’s really helpful for our health, specially now that we’re all day inside.

4) If you’re studying abroad and you’re far away from your friends and family you can have video calls everyday with them, mainly with your best friends , trust me it’s really fun because you can play board games online , talking , telling your news . At least that’s what I did and it helped me a lot with quarantine , not being depressed.

5) Another thing to do is the homework! As we have realised, now that we can’t go to our university, there are lots of assignments to be done and that takes many hours. So what I did to organize my schedule with the deadlines and the assignments, was to wrote down with colourful markers whatever I had to do . In a few words I made a programm which helped me a lot to handle my anxiety with the work and the deadlines.

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6) Now is the chance to clean your house, apartment or flat. That’s true , I wanted to do general cleaning and I never had the time. So now while quarantine it took me two days to do the whole apartment ( to do the shelves, the bathroom, the laundry, the mopping , etc) . I felt so great because I finally did that. So you can try that you will feel totally productive.

7) Clothes! If you have a bunch of clothes that you don’t even wear anymore and you want to refresh your wardrobe , well grab the chance because you have plenty of time to do that now. Seperate the clothes you like and you still wear from the others that you don’t and those you don’t want anymore donate them or take them to the recycling bin for clothes. I did that, it was really productive !

8) Cooking! That is the most exciting thing while quarantine , because you can try recipes that you have never tried before and it will be challenging and creative. For example, I have never done pancakes before , because usually, we were going out to eat , so I never tried that home. But now that I couldn’t do that anymore I cooked those for the first time and even that I learnt how to do them, I realised that is so easy to make them and how tasty they are at the same time.

9) Reading! You can start reading books, the ones you like, you are interesting in, those who makes you happy and it’s pleasant to read. My favourite author is Agatha Christie, I just finished the “Murder of the orient express” and I can say it’s one of my favourite mystery books by Agatha. So if you like mystery , I definately suggest that !

10) Creating videos! If you like shooting videos and photos and you want to share your adventures/experiences with your friends or the public audience , but you don’t know how to do editing , now is the time to learn how . You can try easy apps like “video show” , I just tried that and it has helped me a lot . It’s a creative occupation and enjoyful.

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